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Update on foster pup Elsa

Update on foster pup Elsa ðŸ'• Things are moving forward on a new partner for this sweet girl! We will be excited to share those details soon, but in the meantime, she is keeping busy meeting new friends, working on her manners, and taking field trips... including attending a dart match which inadvertently included a bunch of Bill's fans rooting on their team 😆 She handled the chaos incredibly well and it ended up being a great 'test' on how she will do in public no matter what is going on! Special shout out to Certified Canine Services for her incredible training and to Helping Hounds Dog Rescue for being such a fabulous partner to our program and helping us find such amazing dogs to match with the Veterans going through our program!

❤️ 🇺🇸 ðŸ'™

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